MPC Unites

MPC Unites

It seems so obvious that we unite……simply because we bring hose and coupling together.
But we unite in more than one way:

  1. Internally in the company we unite different cultures, different languages, different countries, different and unique people. 
  2. Externally, looking at our customers, we unite Europe, by exporting to over 25 countries and being in 5 countries ourselves, in many cases speaking the language of the customer. 
  3. Externally, looking at our suppliers, we unite the knowledge concerning materials, procedures, quality aspects into our products.

Why are we doing what we are doing…………

Because ….. We believe in uniting people. Uniting all of our brains together will result in 1+1= 5. People working together will give a greater result than just the sum of the work of the individual people.

Because …… We believe in uniting people. Knowing more of our partners and what they do in essence will result in greater partnerships and real relationships, leading to innovative products adapted to market needs.

Because …… We believe in uniting people in the way that it exceeds standard business cultures, taking into account that emotion is a basic human value, which can be used to enhance relationships and thus creating easiness and comfortable living and working conditions for all people involved.


We believe in challenging the standard.
We believe in challenging the standard of business organisations and structures.
We believe that by producing strong, simple, easy, environmentally friendly and fast assembled products, we can change the industry, its working conditions.

We unite.


How are we doing this ……

  1. MPC’s democratic principles are an important way to fill in our future.
    1. 4 co-workers attending to every board meeting, having the same vote as the 3 permanent members.
    2. Open meetings to get everybody’s ideas about a specific challenge.
    3. Co-worker reviews done by everybody instead of only management
    4. 15% profit sharing of profit before taxes
    5. MPC’s continuous council (Yammer) to get everybody involved who is interested. 
    6. Supervisory meeting to make sure everybody understands the newly set outlines and for everybody to react and criticize the decisions taken
  2. We will run different projects through RTU groups (ready to unite…..people, resources, time, money, etc) and communicate this to each other in RTU meetings on a regular basis……and thus avoiding further hierarchy in the company. 
  3. We will always keep the environment in mind……also at product design (no use of not-fully-recyclable materials), second life packaging or recycled packaging, less transport movement through better logistics and through product design. 
  4. We will continuously look for more efficient ways to do the things we do, to keep our cost prices acceptably low. 
  5. Hospitality, kindness and honesty are used in all relations we encounter.

What are we doing …… Simple……we produce products that unite……. for example hose clips, fixing clamps, etc. 

MPC la scelta giusta!

  • la vostra richiesta sulla fascetta perfetta
  • qualità e flessibilità costante
  • una ricca esperienza nel campo dell’innovazione
  • struttere e clienti in tutta l’Europa
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